1994-2010  Tour physician of the most important italian rock star, Vasco Rossi, with the responsability of the singer's health and fitness.
About 150 concerts, with public from 80.000 up to 400.000 spectators.

1990-2007  Teacher and advisor of the “Centro di Ricerche in Bioclimatologia Medica, Biotecnologie e Medicine Naturali “
Institute of Hidrology and Medical Bioclimatology I
Faculty of Medicine and Surgery - Milano
                  OMS collaborating center for the study of Traditional Medicine

1985-2010 Responsible for prevention, care and rehabilitation of the wrestlers of italian Sambo national team (self defence)

1999-2001 Medical Director of the sanatorium
“ Kurhaus Prasura “, 80 beds, Arosa ( Chur ), Switzerland

1982-1998 Advisor of FININVEST Group for fitness and good health of the executives

1995-1996 Advisor for the rehabilitation of injured athletes of american football team “Rhinos Milano”

1989-1993 Responsible for the rehabilitation of injured athletes of top class of
Gruppo Sportivo Milan / Mediolanum: rugby, hockey, volley and baseball. Including about 800 athlets.