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1986-2011 Regular partecipation to medical meetings e seminars

2011 University Master of second level in
“ Thermal Medicine, Thalassotherapy and Medical Climatology “
at the Centro di Ricerche in Bioclimatologia Medica, Biotecnologie e Medicine Naturali, Università degli Studi, Milano. Prof .Umberto Solimene, Secretary General of F.E.M.T.E.C. (World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy),

2010 Course in “ Emergencies, First Aid and Advanced Life Support for Physicians with Special Tasks “. Università Gabriele D'Annunzio – Chieti, Prof. Federico Meneghini, Internationally famous expert.

2009 Course in Pain Medicine at the scientific center “ Renato Dulbecco ” under the direction of Professor Mario Tiengo

2006-2007 Universitary Master of second level:
“ Integration among Chinese Traditional Medicine  and Western Medicine.”
Under the patronage of the Ministery of Health of Italy and the National Amministration for Chinese Medicine of the People's Republic of China                  in collaboration with the “ Università degli Studi “ of Milano and the “University of Chinese Traditional Medicine “ of Nanjin, China.
With, at the end of the course, one month of hospital practice in Nanjin.
under the direction of chinese professors.

2004-2007 Course of Osteopathy, Chiropratic and Manual Medicine at the Simoc

2004-2008 Course on “Biological Medicine” and “New Medicine” according Dr. Hamer with Prof. Samorindo Peci

2005-2006 Course on Psychosomatic Iridology at Named - Milano

2002-2003  Universitary course about Scientific update in Emergency Surgery – ALS Advanced Life Support at the Universty of Chieti – Prof. Meneghini

2001-2003 Course of Neuraltherapy at Named - Milano

1986-2000 Theoretical and practical studies of Omeopathy and Acupuncture with dr. Ernst Bauer – Arosa ( Switzerland)

1995-1999 Course of Ayurvedic Medcine at Charysat Global Health Ayurvedic Research Institute – Varese

1993-2000 Degree of Tibetan Medicine at Kunpen Lama Gancen Institute – Milano and New Yuthok Institute – Milano, Professor Pasang Arya

1989-1993 Theorical and practical course in Medical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy at the “ Italian Institute of Studies in Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy H. Bernheim “ - Verona